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Fruits and Vegetables

The Mercajara experience

We are producers and marketers. We are an experienced company with a tradition in the production, distribution and marketing of fresh mushrooms. Our agricultural origin has allowed us a deep knowledge of the sector to specialize in the marketing of fruits and vegetable.

We are entrepreneurs, innovative and believe in global trade. We use sustainable methods of growth by investing in professionalism, facilities and technology

We work to create a project for the future with a team that is proud to be a part of it.s.

In our journey, we have already opened the doors to new markets in different countries on 4 continents.

We keep working!

Our products

We produce, export and import a varied assortment of cultivated mushrooms as well as fruits and vegetables of all varieties.

Consult our catalogue and follow our current events every season.


From La Mancha to the world,

growm from experience

From our experience and family tradition in mushroom cultivation, we have grown in capacity and resources.

Today our market reaches 4 continents, building strong alliances with producers in origin that allow us to combine our own crops with the export of varieties throughout the year.

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