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About us


Mercajara has its origin in the experience and tradition of mushroom cultivation of the García Serrano Peraile family.  In 2008 Mercajara was born to consolidate its cultivation and subsequent marketing.


In this context, the import division arises:  an organized unit dedicated to the import of fruits and vegetables, forming strong alliances with producers in the countries of origin.


We currently produce 6,000 tons of mushrooms and import fruits and vegetables from 4 continents.

50.000 m²   dedicated to mushroom cultivation

We work 365 days a year to produce 6 million kilos of mushrooms of our own production.

We work with different varieties that we export all over the world.

Our own logistics and distribution

Our picking area has more than 500 refrigerated square meters so as not to break the cold chain.

14 independent cold rooms guarantee the temperature of each product.

Our own fleet of vehicles guarantees the transport of the product in ideal conditions.

We are diverse.  We create the future.

The people who work at Mercajara are our most precious asset.

We are a diverse team, committed and prepared to make our future project grow together.

Without borders, open to the world

Over time, our import-export experience has turned us into a team with knowledge of very different markets.

This know-how is already an integral part of our team that ensures the success of our operations

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